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On this page are illustrated some additional archived works, some sold works and some works in private collections. These thumbnails are not to scale. Please contact the artist for further information.


Additional archived works

On the Rocks On the Rocks

"On the Rocks"

Matthews"Matthews-Winters Study"

Aspen Ridge
"Aspen Ridge"


Kenosha Clouds

"Kenosha Clouds"

Last Run, Crested Butte

"Last Run, Crested Butte"

Stormy skies"Stormy Skies"

Rock Study Early Morning Hike The Chase

Bear Creek

"Bear Creek"

Bear Creek winter

"Bear Creek, Winter"

Snowy Willows

"Snowy Willows"




Snow Mountain Trail

"Snow Mountain Trail"

Bell Peppers

"Bell Peppers"


" Peaches (Après Monet)"




persimmon season

"Persimmon Season"

Sahli's Still Life #1

"Sahli's Still Life #1"


Sahli's Still Life #2

"Sahli's Still Life #2"


Abstract Agave

"Abstract Agave"

Onions Allium Allium

Looking South

"Looking South"

B?W Still Life Study

"B/W Still Life Study"

The Couple

"The Couple"

  Aspen Lineup"Aspen Lineup"    




Some Other Sold & Private Collection Works

Red Rocks Spring
"Red Rocks Spring" (sold)


The Chase

"The Chase" (sold)

South from Stone Steps
"South from Stone Steps " (sold) 

Aspen Retreat

"Aspen Retreat" (sold)

Monet's Willows

"Monet's Willows" (sold)

Mt. Morrison Hike

"Mt. Morrison Hike" (sold)

Snowy Sunrise
"Snowy Sunrise" (sold) 


"Mina's Red Rocks" (sold)

Private Road

Private Road "Private Road" (sold)


 Early Morning hike

"Early Morning Hike" (sold)

Rock Study

"Rock Study" (sold)


"Colorado River" (sold)


Bear Lake
"Bear Lake" (sold) 
The Blues

"The Blues" (private collection) 

Abstract Aspens

"Abstract Aspens" (private collection)


"Etretat" (private collection) 





Clos Lucé (Amboise)

"Clos Lucé" (sold)

Kenosha Aspens

"Kenosha Aspens" (sold)









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